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Shared Ownership

Shared ownership occurs where a percentage share in a property is purchased by way of lease with the remaining share being retained by the freeholder. The purchaser may take out a mortgage to assist with the purchase of the percentage share and then pays rent to the freeholder in relation to the remaining percentage share; the rent is usually reviewed every year.

The purchaser will generally have the option of buying further percentage shares from the freeholder, with a consequential reduction in the rent. This is sometimes described as "staircasing".  We can also deal with staircasing the property up to 100%, known as 'final staircasing'.

Shared Ownership transactions are more complex than traditional property transactions.  We can guide you through the process of either buying or selling a shared ownership property using our expertise in this complicated area of property law.

Shared Ownership - Michael J. Wey, Licenced Conveyancer and Commissioner for Oaths, Surrey


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